About HNTC

Company Culture

Company Culture

Ever since its establishment, HNTC continuously sustains the entrepreneurship, comprising “learning, growth, breakthrough and altruism” which had been long preset upon establishment, and internalizes the entrepreneurship to be a corporate culture.  In HNTC, we foster a teamwork atmosphere that emphasizes “teamwork cooperation, positive perspectives, value renewal and enjoyment of happiness,” and spread a correct attitude in doing things, which stresses “intelligent and tactful coordination, humbleness, openness, honesty, boldness, innovativeness, altruism and benefits for the public.”  Meanwhile, HNTC pursues the corporate values of “innovativeness, uniqueness, customer-oriented service, profit increase and sustainable operation,” as well as the consistent quality policies that strive for “brainstorming, comprehensive management, qualitative and quantitative stability, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and realization of ideals.”

Vigorous Leap and March

HNTC puts all efforts on realizing the network system for “marketing worldwide, purchasing worldwide and production worldwide.”  With powerful teamwork energy, strong belief in corporate values and consistent quality policies, HNTC has a strong ambition to become a leading brand of brake system parts and accessories in the world, intending to benefit the corporate, benefit the employees, benefit the customers and benefit the international societies.